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Nourishing Minds & Bodies

Indoor Growing with Tower Gardens Cultivating Bright Minds

Implement Interdisciplinary 
Project Based Learning
With School Seeds

The Future of Education - PD and Trainings for Educators
Meet Your Speaker

A vertical aeroponic growing system that enables you to grow fresh, healthy food indoors — a more sustainable way to grow without needing a green thumb.
Grows 3x faster 
Grow Year-Round 
28 plants in 30" 
No weeds or soil
98% less water
Unlock the potential of education through green innovation, the School Seeds Program blends cutting-edge S.T.E.A.M. principles with the art of cultivating minds. Elevate your school's learning landscape, nurturing holistic development and sustainable practices for students to flourish academically and beyond.

Meet Lety Algeri

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As a former middle school educator who transitioned into the world of health and wellness, Lety possesses an unwavering passion for revolutionizing education through gardening. She is reshaping classrooms by growing gardens inside the classroom year-round while fostering a project-based and interdisciplinary learning environment.


Lety's influence extends beyond the classroom as a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with the diverse benefits of project-based learning intertwined with agriculture. 


Explore Lety's transformative work and discover how her unique blend of education and wellness nurtures the growth and learning of students, creating leaders one seedling at a time.

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