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Holistic Health & Life Coach

Lety Algeri

When You Control Your Cravings You MASTER Your Health!

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Hi, I'm Lety Algeri and I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach and successful wellness entrepreneur. I am the founder of many health projects like my signature coaching program Craving Crushers, The THRIVE with Lety Wellness Community, as well as the weekly video series Tea Time With Lety with over 150 episodes! I’ve set out on a mission to help empower women across the globe to win back their life and be the person they’ve always felt they were from the inside.


As a Holistic Health Coach, I focus on the personal relationship every individual has with food. I like to think of it as food therapy. We connect food to our biggest moments in life and our lowest, so how can we find a way to sort through all the experiences and bring out what emotional impact food has on us as adults? Through carefully examining each layer with a lot of individualized focus. That's exactly what I do.

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What We Can Accomplish Together In Our Signature Craving Crusher Program!

Personalized Nutrition Plan
Crush Your Cravings
Stress and Mental Balance
Stop Emotional Eating
Weight Loss