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Meet Your Educator

Meet Lety Algeri: Educator, Wellness Advocate, and Family Enthusiast

It all began with my first teaching job at The Commack Middle School, where I not only launched my career but also met my husband. I cherished my job, fueled by a passion for educating students and fostering their growth not just academically but as unique individuals.

Soon, life took an exciting turn as I traded the chalkboard (yes, I had a chalkboard in those days) for family life, embracing the role of raising my two wonderful kids. However, when my daughter faced significant health challenges as a baby, it set me on a holistic path. Enrolling as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition marked a turning point, leading to a huge transformation in my career as I became a Certified Integrative  Health and Wellness Educator and Coach.


That's where I seamlessly blended my two passions: educating children and promoting nutrition. The creation of The School Seeds Program stands out as one of the highlights of my career. I thrive on sharing the transformative power of this program, inspiring audiences on grand platforms, and igniting change.


Nestled on Long Island, NY, my home is a hub of chaos and love, shared with my amazing husband of over 20 years, two fantastic teenagers, and our sweet dog Mila.


Beyond the classroom, you'll find me on a quest for personal growth, always seeking ways to become a better version of myself. Nature is my sanctuary, and I'm a wanderlust enthusiast who loves to explore new corners of the world. Yet, my absolute favorite thing is the simple joy of spending quality time with my family of four.

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