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Meet Lety

Meet Lety Algeri, an experienced and charismatic speaker boasting over 25 years of combined expertise in education, wellness coaching, and dedicated work with Tower Gardens in schools. As the driving force behind the School Seeds Program, Lety, a NYS-certified teacher holds a master's degree in education and a certification as an integrative wellness educator. She seamlessly blends educational insight and nutritional passion with practical hands-on experience.

Lety Center Stage

Lety is a seasoned speaker, having addressed both intimate groups, facilitated workshops, and spoken in front of massive audiences of over 8,000 people. A natural storyteller, she uses humor, personal anecdotes, and real-world examples to make her presentations relatable and transformative for audiences of all ages. Whether addressing teachers, administrators, conferences, or students, Lety focuses on the incredible impact of the School Seeds Program in educational settings.


Her presentations highlight the hands-on nature of the program and its ability to engage and transform students. Sharing her wealth of knowledge about incorporating Tower Gardens into interdisciplinary learning, Lety fosters a connection between sustainability, science, nourishing minds, and student development. Lety delivers dynamic and interactive presentations that leave your audience inspired and prepared to implement impactful changes in the classroom.


Take the first step toward transforming your educational programs and inspiring meaningful change by booking Lety now.

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