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Lety Algeri

Lety is a holistic health coach whose mission is to help women break free from the debilitating diet cycle, empower them to create healthy relationships with food, and help them achieve sustainable health. 


Her holistic approach focuses on how the highs and lows of life affect our eating habits, and how to overcome emotional eating, food cravings, and self-sabotage.  Lety teaches why diets don't work and she shares simple actionable steps to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and ensure sustained success. 


She understands from personal experience what it is like to be frustrated by food restrictions, rules, and diets with little to no results. The result of this was the development of unique methods and systems that enabled her to ditch diets and identify precisely what her body needed to thrive, enabling her to transform the health of thousands of women.


What makes Lety unique are her simple yet effective strategies for staying healthy and her compassionate yet direct approach to coaching women for a life-long change. Her magnetic, bright personality inspires her clients and followers to become better versions of themselves, making her message so powerful and effective.   

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My Coaching Can Help Your Audience

I’m on a mission to help women break free from the debilitating diet cycle, empower them to create healthy relationships with food, and teach them how to achieve simple and sustainable health. 

We all know that kale is better than cookies, but why do the cookies often win?  That’s where I come in.  I use my holistic approach to focus on how all aspects of life affect our eating habits.  Stressful day at work, I guarantee you’re not craving a kale salad.  Feeling exhausted from all the things…I bet chocolate is calling your name.  

I show my clients how to overcome emotional eating, food cravings, and self-sabotage.  I teach individuals why their diets don't work and how they are doing more harm than good. By taking the time to share simple action-based steps, it allows for a powerful effect that has clients saying goodbye to the yo-yo effect and ensures sustained success! It all starts with the desire to be better than who you were yesterday. Share with your audience the power of self-improvement, one step at a time!

Speaking Topics For YOUR Audience!

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  3. 3 Steps To Accelerating Your Weight Loss (Health) Goals

  4. Cooking For A Picky Family Without Becoming A Short-Order Cook

  5. Turning Self Sabotage Into Success

  6. Discover The Hidden Toxins In Your Food - And The Simple Solution To Avoid Them

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