Plant Up

A Catalyst for change 

I had been growing on my Tower Garden for 5 years
when one day it was as if a lightbulb went off in my head. I realized at that moment that this simple garden could be a huge tool for change. And that is when Plant Up was born. I know what you’re thinking;

How can a Tower Garden really be such a catalyst for change?
For starters, we have a tremendous health crisis in this country largely caused by lifestyle choices, and on the flip side we have millions of people that go hungry every day. Not to mention the environmental disaster we are creating. 

If we change our habits, we change our life.
It has been shown that adults and children that grow fruits and veggies eat more fruits and veggies.  What if every household ate off their Tower Garden would that impact lives? At Plant Up we believe it absolutely would. 

Tower Gardens use 90% less space and 98% less water than traditional farming.
How exciting is that! Did you know that an acre of land typically grows 25,000 plants? An Acre on a Tower Garden farm grows 250,000 plants!

It takes 28 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of cucumbers. Think about the environmental impact of reducing that by 98%. Not to mention not needing fertile soil, Tower Gardens are soil less. Tower Garden Farms can be grown anywhere indoor and out. Think about the carbon footprint that would be eliminated by eating locally. 

Let’s talk about the food insecure.

What if rather than donating food to the hungry, we gave people an opportunity to grow their own on a Tower Garden becoming self-sufficient.

Do you see why I get excited about this? Plant Up has the potential to make a huge impact – Tower Gardens are truly a tool for change. 

At Plant Up we are committed to giving back

For every 20 Towers sold, we donate 1 complete Tower Garden to those in need. 

In addition to our donations, we partner with generous individuals and organizations. 
We match them up with nonprofits that have the platform to help others by utilizing our Tower Gardens as a tool for change. 

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