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"Just in the last 2-weeks, what a DIFFERENCE!
My mind, my feelings, MY food!"

Stacey- Craving Crusher Client


You feel like you don't have time to fit everything in today - You feel stressed the minute you wake up about everything to do, you race around like a mad person in a frenzy trying to get everything done, and you're too tired to do that exercise session after work so you don't go. You end up in bed exhausted and personally unsatisfied thinking daily living is pretty tiring as if you have time to focus on yourself.

Your cravings control you = You try all day to eat healthily and “be good”, but once late afternoon or after dinner rolls around it’s as if you are possessed and you NEED to eat the chocolate, chips, cookies, etc. 

You are overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there = It’s completely overwhelming to keep up with what’s good for you and what isn’t.  You have great intentions, but you constantly hear conflicting information, making it hard to know what to do.   

You mourn the loss of a "Past You"  comparing yourself to a previously fitter and healthier version of yourself.

You are feeling a bit anxious because you are not happy with your lifestyle path, but do not know how to turn it around.  It seems impossible to juggle family, work, cooking, planning, self-care, AND on top of it research all there is to know about wellness to keep yourself and your family healthy. 

You never get time for yourself Getting to the end of the day shattered, exhausted, and reaching for that chocolate or glass of wine looking for comfort (but you know it will make you feel worse later).

You don't feel great most days and are concerned about your health, a constant nagging feeling every morning when you wake up to do something about it, and a constant disappointment when you go to sleep because you did nothing about it.

You are overwhelmed at where to start – It feels like too much to take on so you dabble in one strategy and when you see no results or it’s too hard you quickly switch to another.  Leaving you wondering what you should do for my health.

You feel scattered when it comes to dinner time = You didn't have time to cook so you eat takeout or processed foods for dinner and now you feel bloated, crappy, and guilty about it.


If there was a way to overcome stress eating, kick the food cravings, and have more energy without giving up all the foods you love... would you be interested?

The number one thing women tell me is they lose motivation after eating a cheat meal. . .The story of the cheat meal that ruins the lifetime commitment to wellness…. 


I have heard it way too often.  I ate a great breakfast and packed a healthy lunch.  I even went for a walk during my lunch hour.  But around 2 pm I was having a stressful day and I just couldn’t help myself.  My emotions took over and I HAD to have a piece of chocolate.  


After I ate it I just felt annoyed.  I was annoyed at myself for sabotaging all my hard work.  So I figured screw it and I ate 3 more pieces.  Ugh, of course, it didn’t end there.  During dinner, all I could think about were the cookies I had stashed away in the pantry.  As soon as dinner was cleaned up I sat on the couch and ate a whole sleeve.  Of course, that put me in a downward spiral and all my meal-prepping and motivation went out the window. 


Does this sound like you?  Is your stress eating controlling what you eat rather than you controlling what you eat?  Do you try to eat healthily and “be good” all day, but once late afternoon or after dinner rolls around it’s as if you are possessed and you NEED to eat the chocolate, chips, cookies, etc? 

We have all been there and guess what, it’s not your fault!  You are out of the optimal zone of willpower, that’s all.

One side of you REALLY wants to stop the food cravings, the stress eating, lose weight, improve your blood work, have more energy, and be motivated to do it. But then the other part of you thinks "life is short, why deprive me and be miserable? Just be happy and have some chocolate, it's really not the end of the world" 


The battle in your head is real!


You are faced with the decision to go get the chocolate bar or put in the effort to change.  And unfortunately, the chocolate bar wins again. Want to know why? Because today chocolate equals instant gratification, a quick hit of dopamine, and not hard work.


It feels like this challenge of changing your cravings, overcoming emotional eating, and improving your health seems so far away and sometimes it seems like it will never happen so you just give in, bringing you one step further away from where you want to end up.  


Ultimately you might not believe that you are able to change your health.You’ve tried so many times before.  You lost the weight only to gain it right back! 

Your history tells you that you can't do it, and you start to believe it’s true. So you begin to act like THAT woman.  The woman that’s constantly sabotaging her success with EMOTIONAL EATING.  The one that loses 10 pounds only to regain 15.  The woman that has no energy left at the end of the day.  The woman who runs out of time to do the things she loves because she’s so busy juggling all the things for everyone else. The woman that has given up on ever achieving her health goals and knows that eating the chocolate will give you that instant gratification that you are looking for so you say F@ck it and you eat the chocolate.

So, now what? What's YOUR next move? Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with Lety!

"I have learned to put myself first!
And even learned to say  'no' more often... and no one has complained so far!"

Elisa- Craving Crusher Client

How Many Have You Tried and Had Little Success With?

Pile of Donuts



Image by Brooke Cagle


Kettle Ball

Extreme Excerise

Asparagus Salad


Calorie Count

Counting Points

Refillable Water Bottle

Intermediate Fasting

Image by David B Townsend


Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova




I specifically developed my program to make sure that this is the LAST program you try.  That this program gives you the framework and support to ensure that you will have a successful health journey for long-lasting change.


So, here’s the thing, you have a couple of choices.  You can choose today to stay where you are and do what you have been doing and next year at this time you’ll be in the same position you are in this year or possibly in a worse place.  With less energy, more weight to lose, and more food cravings.  Instead of needing to lose a couple of pounds and make a few tweaks to your health next year, you’ll need to work twice as hard!


Or maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon, it’s ok we all do.  But now you’ve been off the wagon for two years instead of 1 and it’s going to be a lot harder to get back on.  It’s going to be harder to rewire your brain to find those small wins we talked about. 

Next year you’ll be trying on bathing suits and saying the same things to yourself you’ve said to yourself year after year, things that are not beneficial.  I’ll never lose weight, healthy eating is too hard, I can’t do it.


What if THIS was your year? 

What if the conversation with yourself changed and rather than saying,

"How did I get here? 

How did I let my body and my health get to this place? 

How could I let food control me and take here?"


Maybe THIS year the conversation sounds like this

"Wow!! Look at me!

I wake up full of energy and ready to go

I am no longer controlled by my cravings

I feel better than I did in my 20’s!"


You know it’s time to make a change to your health.  And you know that the longer you wait the harder it will be to accomplish your goals.  Why wait?  Make THIS your YEAR to get your food cravings under control, have the energy you desire to…


You have an opportunity to change it and you can change the story today, right now. 

Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with Lety!

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Don't Just Take It From Me

Laura Knew Exactly What To Do To Overcome Her Cravings!

"Lety didn't just teach me about food, she empowered me to be successful without depending on a diet.

Just the other day, I was stressed out (which is a normal trigger for me to eat junk food. But, thanks to Lety, I realized it wasn't the food I was looking for. I was looking for a feeling of calm. Thanks to the strategies she taught me I knew exactly what to do to overcome cravings. She empowered me to take control of my health for good.

Fresh Fruit

Craving Crusher Client

Roe Found Balance And Harmony With Eating Healthy And Exercising!

"I cannot believe the difference Lety has made in my life. 

I've always been conscious of eating healthy, exercising, nurturing loved ones, and finding time to feed my spirit; however, I'm not always good at balancing those elements.

Working with Lety has led me to a place of balance and harmony.

She has helped me to discover new options in each of those areas and that has resulted in a new excitement about life and its possibilities."


Image by Wasa Crispbread

Craving Crusher Clinet

Christine's Life Was Completly Changed!

"This program has changed my life... I was tired of feeling tired! Now, I don't feel that way anymore. I feel so motivated and supported and guided.

This isn't a diet, this is life-changing...

I'm not one to meal prep all weekend, but what you taught about planning and going through the grocery store has been life-changing.

In just a few weeks  I am a new Christine! I am the best version of me!"

Healthy Woman

Craving Crusher Client

Nic And Her Family Are Now Making Better Food Choices, Feeling Better, And Have Taken Back Their Health!

"I am extremely grateful for having met Lety! She has made a HUGE difference in our lives.

My whole family is now making better choices, feeling better, and it's all because of her. Thanks to Lety, we have taken back our health and our future.

I highly recommend Lety Algeri! You will find her to be responsible, professional, dynamic, passionate, and of course, life-changing!"

Family portrait

Craving Crusher Clinet

Woman Unloading Grocery

"Hey Lety! I have to tell you that my lunch box gets packed each day that I am heading to school to make sure I'm eating REAL food!
(Even if I caved to a Big Mac last week).

Today, my son (who comes to meet me in my classroom during the band's lunch break) loaded the lunch bag with fruit cups, string cheese, and turkey! I asked what was up and he said, "One ingredient foods, Mom! DUH!" I'm still seeing your posts of encouraging words that keep me motivated!
Thanks for what you do!"


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