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Craving Crushers!

The Craving Crushers Program Is Transformational Coaching Program

That will help you reach your health goals for 2023.
Sign Up today to reach your best version tomorrow!

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When You Control Your Cravings,
You Control Your Health!

CALLING ALL WOMEN who are tired of yo-yo diets that don’t work and keep them from enjoying the foods they love…

If there was a way you could kick the food cravings and have more energy without giving up all the foods you love, would you be interested?

The number one thing women tell me is they lose motivation after eating a cheat meal. The story of the cheat meal that ruins the lifetime commitment to wellness…. I have heard it way too often!  I ate a great breakfast and packed a healthy lunch.  I even went for a walk during my lunch hour.  But around 2 pm I just couldn’t help myself.  I HAD to have some chocolate.

After I ate it, I just felt annoyed.  I was annoyed at myself for sabotaging all my hard work.  So I figured screw it and I ate 3 more pieces.  Ugh, of course, it didn’t end there.  During dinner, all I could think about were the cookies I had stashed away in the pantry.  As soon as dinner was cleaned up I sat on the couch and ate a whole sleeve.  Of course, that put me in a downward spiral and all my meal-prepping and motivation went out the window. 


Does this sound like you?  Are you being controlled by your food cravings rather than you controlling what you eat?  Do you try all day to eat healthily and “be good”, but once late afternoon or after dinner rolls around it’s as if you are possessed and you NEED to eat the bag of chips, the chocolate ice cream, cookies, etc. 

We have all been there and, guess what, it’s not your fault!  You were out of the optimal zone of willpower that’s all.

NOW, does this sound like you? One side of me REALLY wants to eliminate my food cravings, lose weight, be healthier, and have more energy (and motivation to do it!) But, with all the enthusiasm you also begin to wonder, "I've been down this path before... what's going to change this time? I really want to reach MY GOALS!"

Ultimately, you might not believe that you are able to change your health, but you know that eating chocolate will give you that instant gratification that you are looking for. 


So what you really need is a small success. What you really need is to give yourself an opportunity, one chance to do something positive for your health that feels good!  Your brain links that result to that action, so you keep performing that positive action and it takes the place of the chocolate (or whatever you are craving).


Introducing The Craving Crusher Program where I will show you how to get your first success and your second and third.  Where we are going to retrain your brain to light up with excitement every time you do something that supports your health goals.  You will be able to make NEW AND IMPROVED choices through my workshop and much, much more!

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Crush YOUR


For A 
Healthier YOU!

Craving Crusher Program

The Craving Crusher Program will teach you how to get off the diet bandwagon, end food cravings, lower weight gain, and stay on track for good!

You'll have access to...


  • My CraveLess Framework, To get you in the zone of willpower, so you can learn how to control your food so it doesn’t control you.

  • The Sugar Buster Life System You’ll get all the tools, checklists, and reference guides to help you break away from your sugar addiction and maintain sustainable energy throughout your day.

  • The Busy Family Meal Planning Blueprint so you can easily plan for healthy dinners to keep you on track without spending hours food prepping each week.

  • The Eliminate Cravings Goal Setting Process is where we set, track, and monitor your nutrition goals together so you don’t get off track.

  • Weekly Accountability Coaching Calls so you can accomplish your goals easier and faster. Increase your chances of success by up to 95%*!! (*Study done by The American Society of Training and Development)

  • Two tickets to The Living Your Best Life Workshop where we bring it all together and you have the tools needed to look, feel, and BE the best version of yourself.  

  • Exclusive VIP Community where you’ll have others that are committed to living a Craving Crushing lifestyle alongside you and cheering you on!


See What Other Women Have To Say!

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Kim M.

Craving Crusher Client

After attending Lety’s program I walked away with knowledge and “right now” steps I was able to take to start making healthier changes for me and my family. 

Lety’s workshops are fun, interactive, real-life and most of all, effective. 

Image by Tyler Nix


Craving Crusher Client

I can NOT believe the difference Lety has made in my life. I have always been conscious of the importance of eating healthy, exercising, nurturing loved ones, and finding time to feed my spirit; however, I’m not always good at balancing those elements. Working with Lety has led me to a place of balance and harmony.


Fortunately, she has also helped me to discover new options in each of those areas and that has resulted in a new excitement about life and its possibilities!

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