Our Stories bring us together

Here's My Story

Ever since my daughter got sick, I have been on a mission

to help her and others with their wellness. Here is how the story begins. Before my kids, I was a teacher. I loved being with the kids and teaching, but once I got married and started my family, I felt called to stay home to raise my kids myself. So, even though I loved it, I left teaching. 

We knew something was wrong
Three weeks into Juliana's life she was covered in a rash from head to toe, was screaming in pain, and had blood in her stool. You could imagine how frightening that was for a first-time mom. As any parent would do, we went to our pediatrician in search of answers and help. After some time, my husband and I decided to go the holistic route. I became really invested in learning more about the connections between food and health. In fact, I felt so strongly about it that I change careers over it. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC to become a Certified  Holistic Health Coach, knowing that I could help Juliana and others with similar issues. 

So I permanently left my teaching job and opened up a Wellness Practice
Once I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I started a practice and worked with many clients to better their own health. But after some time, I began to feel frustrated with health coaching. I was spending a lot of time at work and less and less time with my family. I was literally trading dollars for hours, and I didn’t love it. I was finding that my clients wanted to change, but they weren’t always willing to make the changes necessary to change.

I was exhausted
I was running a practice, or should I say trying to figure out how to run a practice. I was working so hard to be the best health coach for my clients, a hands-on mom to my young children, a good wife, preparing healthy meals, juggling school schedules and being a perfect home maker (scratch the homemaker part, my house was always a mess). And when I say exhausted, I mean fall asleep at the dinner table and at every single movie we ever watched for 3 years straight kind of exhausted.

I had to stop and reflect - I had resigned from a job I loved to be home, but I was never home.
While I was working in my practice, I learned about Juice Plus+.  I'm not going to lie, at first I pushed it away.  I promoted whole food nutrition with my clients not supplements.  When I discovered that in fact it was food and carried a food label I was intrigued. 
I began using it with my clients, and I loved the changes I was seeing. I also found that it helped Juliana's eczema, which was the greatest gift! I absolutely fell in love with the product and when I looked at the business model they offered, I knew what I had to do.

I closed my practice and partnered
with The Juice Plus+ Company. I hit the top level of my company in 2 years and now coach a massive team, and I love every single second of it.

I discovered Tower Gardens and was fully blown away
by the impact vertical gardens can have on individual families, the environment, and the world! I was so inspired that it led to the birth of School Seeds, a program where I bring organic gardens into classrooms. How perfect is that- I get to focus on my two passions, teaching and nutrition!

Then Plant Up was born.
A foundation that believes that growing food is the simple solution to complex problems. At Plant Up we are committed to giving back a percentage of every Tower Garden sale by donating Towers to those in need. In fact, we feel so passionate about it that we created Plant Up Gives, where we partner those in need with generous donors to ensure food security, wellness and environmental protection. At Plant Up we know that together we can make a BIG impact with a simple solution.

I have truly fallen in love with being a no-risk entrepreneur.
I love my time freedom with my family. I have location independence that I’ve never had before. I am able to focus on MY core values, not those of my employer. I create impact daily with the nutrition of Juice Plus+ and Tower Gardens, and I have the time to give back. Ultimately, I found my happiness and work hard every day to live a life with no regrets!

My amazingly crazy and fun family

We have been able to create an incredible life for ourselves.
We focus on the little things that bring us joy and cherish our adventures and all of our time together among the craziness of life.