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Meet Your New Coach!

Hi, I'm Lety Algeri and I’m a certified nutritionist Holistic Health Coach and successful wellness entrepreneur. I am the founder of many health projects like my signature coaching program Craving Crushers, The THRIVE with Lety Wellness Community, as well as the weekly video series Tea Time With Lety with over 150 episodes! I’ve set out on a mission to help empower women across the globe to win back their life and be the person they’ve always felt they were from the inside.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I focus on the personal relationship every individual has with food. I like to think of it as food therapy. We connect food to our biggest moments in life and our lowest, so how can we find a way to sort through all the experiences and bring out what emotional impact food has on us as adults? Through carefully examining each layer with a lot of individualized focus. That's exactly what I do.

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Read more on how I got started and how I came across my unique coaching that has helped so many women balance their hormones, heal their gut, have fewer cravings, and increase their energy. All while feeling like they’re still themselves, but just a more fab, fit, healthier version!

It's The Little Things That Create Big Change!

The Start of my Health Journey,
Started with my Daughter.

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When my daughter Juliana was born, I knew she was going to be the light of my life. She was a beautiful, happy baby that just had a smile to warm my heart. Though, three weeks into Juliana’s life, we knew something wasn’t right. We noticed rashes covering her whole body, from head to toe. She would scream in pain and sleep was impossible. The fear and heartbreak we had as first-time parents, watching our baby struggle, was unbearable. We knew we had to do something, and quickly!

While looking for answers, my husband and I came across a holistic routine that seemed very promising… and it was. What a difference these more natural remedies made in Juliana’s health. I became obsessed with learning the connections between food and health. In fact, I felt so strongly about it that I changed careers over it. I went from being a middle school teacher to enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. So many doors opened for me once I learned how food really works with our body, that I knew it could help, not only Juliana but so many others.

Traditional Health Coaching methods… became exhausting!

I turned my journey into an opportunity
to help other women
FIGHT for better health.

After graduating as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach, I was shocked to find that I was constantly exhausted. Not tired, but extremely exhausted to the point of falling asleep at the dinner table, movies, and day-to-day activities were draining.

As a Health Coach, I should know what to eat to fuel my body- Why am I constantly cranky, craving chocolate, and outright exhausted? 


I started noticing a pattern. The traditional methods of health coaching that encouraged perfection around clean eating were causing me to sabotage my progress. They were hard to maintain long-term and that only made me give up sooner. Needless to say, I was burning the candle at both ends. Trying to eat clean 24/7 only created a mentality to be perfect 24/7. Realistic? I don’t think so.

Something had to change. I got so tired of being tired. I started to explore other options.

I developed unique methods and systems that allowed me to identify exactly what my body needed and created a plan that worked with my busy lifestyle. I found out how to turn my health around. I began to have more energy, stopped craving sugary foods all the time, and my mood balanced out! I finally had a grasp on how simple, healthy living could be.

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My results were MY RESULTS! No perfect dieting or starving is necessary. I had to let go of the old-school coaching tactic that wasn’t giving me real results and focus on my commitment to bring more of my therapeutic, individualized coaching to myself and the health industry.

You may have felt the same way as me at some point in your life, or even currently, but having to overcome the heavy waves of exhaustion, questioning what to eat, food cravings, and the overwhelming sense with all things “healthy”, can create a very negative outlook on life.

My trial and error have led me to a new way of coaching that has already helped hundreds of women from all over. In creating my own unique coaching program, I figured out how to transform the health of hundreds of women by teaching them exactly what their bodies need to thrive! This coaching isn’t short-term, it’s for lifelong strategies that encourage constant, positive change… all while being able to enjoy the foods and activities they love.

Ready to change your ending into the ending you deserve?

I am.

Let's Chat!

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